Eye Aesthetics

Eye Aesthetics

A Younger Look with Cosmetic Eye Surgery The fact that the eyes have a big impact on the facial expression and the appearance of people plays an important role in the popularity of the cosmetic eye surgery. Surgeries that are performed to solve problems like droopy eyelid, brow ptosis, under eye bag and laughter lines are called as cosmetic eye surgery. There might be some deformations in the eye area depending on aging. The plastic surgery that is performed on the eyelids are called as blepharoplasty.

The skin, which has an elastic structure, loses its elasticity depending on environmental factors. For this reason, some unwanted sagging can occur. Signs of aging on the upper and lower eyelids:

• Colour changes
• Bags under eyes
• Eyelid sagging & skin wrinkles
• Laughter lines
• Tired and exhausted facial expression

FAQs About Cosmetic Eye Surgery
Eyelid surgery, also as known as blepharoplasty, is generally preferred by people who are 35 and older. The reason for this is that the signs of aging on the eyelids are seen in people aged 35 and over. Even though age-related deformations do not stop after the surgery, the effect of the surgery lasts for seven-eight years. The expression of tiredness on the face of the patients after the surgery leaves its place to a more vigorous and energetic appearance.

Before the cosmetic eye surgery, medicines that may pose a risk like aspirin and antibiotics should be stopped using two weeks in advance. Additionally, smoking and drinking alcohol should be discontinued two weeks in advance since they negatively affects the healing process of wounds.
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